Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shady Stats

A little while back I decided to get my e-mail address on the One News Now mailing list. I thought that it would not only provide me with a few good laughs, but also provide me with some blog fuel. Well, today I got a bit of both in this article highlighting some of the work done by Dr. Trayce Hansen.

Although there is a lot I could talk about with regards to this article I am just going to focus on this last section.
"Young adults who were raised by openly homosexual parents were more likely to engage in homosexuality and to later self-identify as bisexual or homosexual -- and it's quite a stark difference," Hansen shares. She notes that 24 percent of children raised by homosexuals or lesbians had experiences with the same gender, while zero percent raised by heterosexuals leaned in that direction."
I did some more research into just how this stat came about and what I found was that this statistic was ripped from a study that Dr. Hansen analized. When you follow that link you have to scroll down to the study titled "Golombok, S. & Tasker, F. (1996). Do parents influence the sexual orientation of their children? Findings from a longitudinal study of lesbian families.Developmental Psychology, 32, 3-11" it is about halfway down the page.

This study was done with the help of 25 children from lesbian parents and 21 children raised by heterosexual single mothers. It isn't exactly a very big sample, and it doesn't include heterosexual parents it only includes single moms. Here are the actual stats that One News Now was looking at when they wrote that article.
"24% of the homosexually parented young adults had actually experienced one or more homosexual sexual relationships, while none of the young adults reared by heterosexuals had."

"16% of those reared by lesbians had homosexual or bisexual levels of same-sex attraction, while 0% of the children of heterosexuals did."
On a happier note, I would like to report that several commenters on One News Now weren't shy to speak up and say that the stats were misleading. Of course there are also several that just don't care about what the facts say.
"Who needs a researcher to verify this - even stupid people know how harmful to children these people are. Of course these kids turn out worse than other children, can you imagine the horrors they are subjected to? How terribly sad for the kids but until the perverts are stopped they will continue to ruin any child they get the chance to."
I know that there is a lot more that I could say about this research, but I will let you guys do your own research and come to your own conclutions my head is hurting to much to continue.