Saturday, October 4, 2008

Back Again!

I have been really busy with work and family, but a church sign that I saw has made me feel compelled to rant.

The sign reads "Trust yourself less and God more".

This sign points to one of the biggest problems that I have with religions. Religions teach people that they need to rely on God for everything. So, instead of relying on themselves or their community to help them through a problem they turn to God. Then when their family or community solve the problem rather than being truly thankful to them they praise god for working through those people to solve the issue. Through this thinking pattern the religious person doesn't actually think that the people that helped them would do it unless god was working through them. This state of mind really upsets me.

Also, along the same line is the thought that god gives us all the talents that we have and that we should be thankful to him. That irritates me too. If a person practices a musical instrument everyday for hours and becomes very skilled that person should credit their own hard work and effort as the reason that they are so good, or credit their teacher or those that encouraged them to continue when they wanted to give up.

People need to believe in themselves and their community to move forward. Believing in things that can't be proven to even exist only delays the process or leaves people feeling unappreciated for their efforts.