Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am having a bit of a writers block today. So, I am going to point you to some bloggers that are not having writers block. In no particular order here are some posts that have caught my attention recently.

The first such blog is Daylight Atheism with a post titled "Yes to Equality, Yes to Marriage: No on Proposition 8." This post was very well written and provided the reader with not only an education in exactly what it means if we don't support Gay marriage and what the other side is saying, but also pointed out how we could help support this important issue.

Second, lets go over to Atheist Revolution for "FFRF Sues Bush Over National Day of Prayer." This was a look at this lawsuit that the Freedom From Religion Foundation has launched. I really wish that there was hope for FFRF to win this lawsuit , but I agree have to agree with vjack it is unlikely.

Third is the Learned Pig for the post "Christopher Columbus." This is a great look at exactly who Christopher Columbus was and what we are celebrating on Christopher Columbus Day. This post will show you just how holiday hungry we are in this country.

I hope that you all enjoy these posts. Feel free to share other great posts that you have read in the comments section.