Monday, November 17, 2008

I am Being Persecuted! *grin*

I just received an AFA action alert about the Michigan Senate hate crimes bill. Which increases the punishment by 50% if it is found that a person committed a crime against someone based on any of the following: (a) Disability. (b) Gender, gender identity, or expression of gender.(c) National origin or ancestry.(d) Race, color, or ethnicity.(e) Religion.(f) Sexual orientation.(g) Veterans. The AFA is claiming that if this bill passes it will suppress their religious free speech rights. I have read the bill a few times and this bill only applies to people who have committed a crime it says nothing about prosecuting people for protesting or speaking out agaist groups that they don't like. So, unless they are planning on committing crimes against gays rather than just talk about how immoral and awful they are not going to be prosecuted under this bill.

The AFA's outrage over this bill is nothing more than them claiming persecution when there really isn't any. This annoying persecution complex is fueled, in part, by the fact that their "holy" book claims that there will be more rewards in heaven for those that persevere through the persecution that they will encounter. Christians need to open up their eyes and look around they are not being persecuted! They enjoy many more freedoms than any other religion in America. What other religion has their dusty book in just about every hotel room? What other religion has their god mentioned on the currency and in the pledge? No one is stopping you from going to church any time you want. You can go door-to-door witnessing without fear of getting arrested. Your Church even gets to claim tax-exemption. I fail to see how you are being persecuted in any way shape or form, but feel free to comment on this post if you feel that you are persecuted.


Richard Wolford said...

Hi there, I found your blog from Pharyngula. I definitely agree that their opposition is a bunch of nonsense. I mean, these are the people who would burn us at the stake because of our beliefs, so who knows what they would do to someone who put their penis somewhere EVIL!

But, I also disagree with hate crime laws in general. I don't see why we need to differentiate WHY someone committed a crime and then punish them for it by, what was it, 50%? I feel this is actually a violation of freedom of thought and of freedom of speech. I may hate gays and such, and I may preach that I hate them, but as long as I break no laws and don't harm anyone, I should be allowed to say whatever I want. IMO, these hate crime laws are punishing people who do break the law unfairly; they are being punished for what they did as well as WHY they did it. Every crime is potentially a hate crime, from a certain point of view.

BTW, congratulations on your atheism, I saw you're celebrating two years. Oh, and I don't hate gays, just to clarify :)

Godless Woman said...

I disagree with hate crimes too, for all the reasons that you mentioned, but I didn't really want to go into that in this post. I just needed to rant about how most Christians need to feel persecuted.

Overall, it has been a good two years, but there have been lots of tears along the way.

Thanks for the comment. I love the title of your blog "Atheism and Computers" My husband is a computer guy and some of his passion for computers has rubbed off on me.

Richard Wolford said...

Computers are great, I'm finishing up my PhD dissertation in them right now, mostly software engineering and IT management (although these are typically mutually exclusive fields).

I guess there have been a few tears for me, but mostly because of my liberal stance on matters when my family is typically conservative. Plus, I live in southern West Virginia where the collective IQ is comparable to the temperature of the cosmic microwave background. And yes, the persecution complex is quite high out here. I bought one of the XCD shirts, the one that says "Science, it works bitches!", and some guy at Wal-Mart started preaching to me and playing the persecution card when I disagreed with his nonsense. Of course, I just left as I doubt Wal-Mart is the place to change the world; changing tires, maybe, but not the world.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it sickening? When the majority screams that it's being oppressed can't commit crimes...against people because of their gender, sexuality, race, know something is wrong with their brains.