Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Religion Hurts People!

I have heard the phrase "Religion doesn't hurt anyone, so just let us/them believe what we/they want". Today I cry out "BULLSHIT!".

As it looks now, Proposition 8 in California is going to pass and therefore make thousands of same-sex marriages in the state invalid. Please explain to me how same-sex couples marrying affects heterosexual marriages in any way. It doesn't! Plain and simply, those who voted "Yes" on Proposition 8 are ignorant, bigoted scum. Those who vote based on an ancient, dusty, outdated religious book need to stop pushing their bullshit on the rest of society. I don't care if you believe in an invisible man as long as you don't try and push him or your idiotic "values" on anyone else. That is when you cross the line.

Some reading this post may say that my words are too strong. I don't think so. If this goes through, thousands are going to lose their right to be married or get married. There are no words that are strong enough to state how horrible the passing of this proposition is. I really hope that in the future, this country will get past this stupid discriminating mindset and realize that everyone has the right to get married to whomever they want.


Summer Squirrel, FCD said...

I was extremely angry about the passage of Prop Hate as well. The misrepresentation about allowing gay men and women to marry by religious organizations was disgusting and vile. I still don't know what drives those fuckers to believe that lying for Jesus is moral. Boggles the mind!

Godless Woman said...

They must figure that lying to make sure everyone else is following the Babble really isn't lying. Your right their thinking is twisted.

Anonymous said...

Prop 8 passing made a little piece of me die.