Saturday, February 21, 2009


Recently I have been getting really lonely. Between deconverting and moving away from where I grew up I have lost all my friends, except for my husband. I have tried to get more involved in online social networks but it isn't the same as having a someone that I can hang out with.

I am considering checking out a local UU church, but I don't think that I will be comfortable in that enviroment. I really like the fact that being an atheist means that you don't have to waste part of the weekend in church.

I have looked for atheist meet-up groups in this area and saw that there is one that meets in Livonia and another in Southfield, but most of the time their meetings conflict with my schedule so I haven't been able to get involved with them yet.

With all that said, if anyone is in the Ann Arbor area and would like to get together let me know. I need friends!