Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gingrich's Goofs

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Newt's campaign is loosing staff at an alarming rate. Many of them worked for him in key states like Iowa and New Hampshire. The staffers that have talked to reporters said that they were trying to direct Newt's campaign, but he wouldn't follow their advice.  Others said that they were afraid that their reputations would be damaged if they stayed with him any longer.

Since the beginning of his campaign he hasn't successfully gotten off the ground.  First, he spoke out against the Paul Ryan budget proposal and then did a flip flop when he began to feel some heat from his own party for his stand. Also, he didn't do himself any favors when he said: "So let me say on the record, any ad which quotes what I said on Sunday is a falsehood." Then the last straw for his senior staff seems to be his fourteen day luxury cruise instead of actually campaigning.

When he can't even run his campaign how is he going to run the country.  Many though are saying that Newt doesn't want to become president he is just trying to get his name out there in an effort to get more money through speaking engagements and political pundit jobs. Well, if Gingrich really wants to become president maybe some of those that were working for Trump's campaign are available. They gave Trump some excellent advice and if Trump's reality show hadn't been renewed I am sure he could have been our next president.
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