Friday, June 17, 2011

Stolen religious relic found

Image: Father Jose Magana, Long Beach police officer Jeff Liberman, Police Chief Robert Luna
Image via MSNBC/AP

Christians say that their prayers have been answered! A religious relic that was stolen on Monday June 13th  was returned to them. I guess that is why God hasn't helped the children that are dying of starvation this week or those that are struggling with cancer he was busy trying to find a religious relic. It also explains why he didn't save this firefighter that died while battling a church fire.

However, I don't understand how a god that made the whole universe in 6 days took 4 days to find a religious relic that was being proudly displayed in a living room. This seems like it should have been an easy task for him to do while doing everything else that a loving wonderful god should be doing. Also, if god is now working on lost and found cases maybe he could focus on the missing children or he could work to find fugitives before they have the chance to commit more crimes against innocent people.