Wednesday, February 25, 2009

God in Public Schools

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My head is hurting after reading this article form One News Now. Here are some of the highlights.

"God has become THE four-letter word in most public schools in the United States," says Whitehead, founder of The Rutherford Institute. And he explains in a commentary why that has come to pass: "An elite segment of society that views God as irrelevant has come to predominate."

Hint they are public schools! That means that many people of all different faiths are going to attend them and they all have the right to an education free of bullshit. Don't try to pull that crap about being silenced you guys still are more than welcome to gather in churches and enjoy a host of other special privileges because of your imaginary friend.
"What's happened is [that] the elitists -- the people who run American society, from the public education system to certain governmental institutions and figures -- have basically decided that God is irrelevant to public discussion," says Whitehead during an interview with OneNewsNow.

There is this thing called separation of church and state, ever heard of it? Also, God is talked about a lot in public discussions, watch the news, or read a newspaper it seems like they are always talking about God, religion, churches or a miracle of some sort.

Now for the best part some of the comments:
If God is a four-letter word in public schools, perhaps the schools should spend more time teaching spelling and less time teaching "intelligent design."

It is the parents' duty to educate children about religion, not the schools. In a melting pot country where many religions are practiced and where even those who call themselves Christians do not always agree, it is counter productive to the things school is supposed to teach: reading, writing, math, science, history, civics, etcs.

Maybe it's the fact that there can be no state-sponsored religion. If we teach about God, then we have to teach about Allah, Shiva, Zeus, and Flying Spaghetti Monster too. Isn't it more efficient to let parents handle teaching their kids religion at home?

"Whitehead believes that what exists now in America is akin to the old Soviet Union and China, where it is religious believers fending off the state." Sounds to me like he needs to crack open a history book. Are believers being killed en masse? Are they being driven off of their land by a governmental force? Aren't they free to meet openly in public, when and where ever they want? This is nothing like China or the USSR.

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