Sunday, September 26, 2010

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due!

Try and wrap your mind around this insane cycle: God creates a problem, sends someone to fix that problem, and then demands that he is praised for that problem, which he created, being solved. If your brain hasn't exploded here is another thing to think about which god should be thanked? If you are thinking that is a stupid question because your god is the only true god, you need to realize that almost every religion believes that. You can't all be right, but you can all be wrong.

Growing up when I would do well on a test I usually wouldn't share it with anyone at church, because it irritated me when they would say "praise the Lord!" Each time I heard that I had to remind myself to smile and agree with them, because I really wanted to tell them how hard I worked to do well on that test. Also, I would think about how God has so many other problems to work on that are far greater than my exam. There were even times that I prayed to ask God to help those in 3rd world countries instead of helping me with my test, because I knew that I had studied really hard and was going to be fine. I had been taught that God could do an infinite number of things at a time, but I guess I figured that if he didn't have to help me he could do the rest of the things he had to do just a little better.

When I was a Christian I always made a point of thanking people for the things that they did before I thanked God for sending them to help me. I did that because I knew how much I hated when people would pray out loud and thank God for fixing problems that I fixed or someone I knew fixed. As an atheist I wonder if there are religious people that have really low self-esteem because they hear others thanking God for things that they did leading them to think that everything they do is just God working through them and that they are incapable of doing anything on their own.

I remember hearing sermons about how if we didn't thank God he might think that we don't appreciate him and he might just stop helping us to teach us how much we really do need him. Jealousy, anger, and spitefulness are all basic human emotions. These however, are not emotions that an all powerful god should have.