Friday, September 24, 2010

When Tragedy Strikes

I have never understood how people facing a horrible tragedy, such as a death of a family member or a terrible car accident, could say "this is all part of God's plan." If God is all-powerful and all-knowing couldn't he get his plan accomplished without killing or hurting people? In kindergarten I was taught that you can't kick and scream until you get your way, instead you have to use your words. So, today I am going to use my words to explain how there isn't a deity that is controlling all the tragedies that happen to everyone.

Growing up I heard over and over that God places obstacles in our life to test us and to bring us closer to him. Think about that statement for a second, this all-knowing all-powerful deity places problems in our lives to make our relationship with him stronger. Doesn't this sound a lot like how seven year old boys treat the girls that they like? If an adult tried to strengthen his relationship with another person this way they would either be in a mental institution or prison. So, why would a God that is supposed to be so much smarter than we are act this way?

One reason why some think that God allows tragedies to happen is because of the fall of man in the garden of Eden. The fall of man doesn't make any sense though when you really look at it. Let's say today a man robbed a bank we would just arrest the man involved in the robbery and not his son, who had nothing to do with the robbery. This idea of punishing children for the sins of the father however was normal when the Bible was written, but an all-knowing God should realize that this is absurd.

The idea that a tragedy is all part of God's perfect plan is echoed through out the Christian community quite a bit. This idea is back by the idea that God is omniscient. If you take one look at the Bible, that says God wrote it through men, it is clear that God isn't omniscient at all. The Bible is riddled with contradictions (, inaccurate scientific information (, and absurdities (

With all of this information and more I feel that everyone goes through hard times just because accidents happen, people get sick, and so forth, but with the help of our families and friends we will get through hard times.