Saturday, February 12, 2011

Book Review: Eighteen Acres

I just finished reading Eighteen Acres by Nicolle Wallace and highly recommend adding it to your reading list. Wallace was the communication director for George W. Bush during his presidency and for his 2004 re-election campaign. She also worked as the senior adviser for the McCain-Palin ticket. Even though she worked for republicans the book doesn't on republican talking points. Instead, the book focuses on the lives of the people that work in the White House.

Eighteen Acres gives the reader a backstage pass to the nation's capital. Wallace's experiences working in the White House shine throughout each chapter making the book seem very realistic. Additionally, the book is sprinkled with humor which takes this novel from good to spectacular.

The main characters are three strong women. The first woman President, Charlotte Kramer; the President's chief of staff, Melanie Kingston; and a rising star in the White House Press Corp, Dale Smith. President Kramer is married, but their relationship has deteriorated over the years and now they only speak when they want to talk about their kids. However, during public events they pretend to have a very solid marriage. Melanie Kingston is an amazing chief of staff, but the long hours have cost her her personal life. Dale Smith, is having an affair with the President's husband which is a hard secret to keep while she reports on the presidency. Wallace did an amazing job creating each character and weaving each of their stories together to make a very exciting book.

So, get your hands on a copy of Eighteen acres, make some hot chocolate, curl up in a comfy chair and spend a Saturday reading this amazing book.

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