Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend Reading

I wanted to share with you some articles and blog posts that I have enjoyed. I hope you enjoy them as well.

1. NASA drones to check out 'rivers in the sky'
: Scientists hope to monitor atmospheric streams and better predict weather (MSNBC)

How Dinosaurs Handed Down Their Fingers: Experiments on chicks suggest that birds inherited a shifted set of digits (MSNBC)

A Fake Mission to Mars --It's as real as it gets: 'Astronauts' set to land on Red Planet as part of 500-day mock spaceflight (MSNBC)

Let's Talk About the Final Frontier (Cosmic Log)

5. Let Me Tell You About My Atheism (Atheist Revolution)

6. Tips: Prevent Twitter Marking You as a Spammer (The World Wide Web Blog Found via @athinkingman)

If you have any articles or blog posts that you found interesting please post them in the comment section. I am always interested in learning new things.