Monday, February 14, 2011

The Joys of Godlessness

I was given a suggestion by a fellow Twitter user, a long time ago, to write a post that discusses the positive points of godlessness. When he gave me the suggestion I started writing this post, but it ended up sitting in draft form until today.

Since coming out as an atheist I have felt so free. Free from the doubts and fear about whether I was saved and going to heaven or even if I was part of the right religion. I also feel free to study evolution without feeling guilty for thinking that the facts make sense, even though they go against the Bible.

I also have a lot more free time now since I am not doing daily devotions, praying, going to church or participating in church activities. I have spent a lot of this free time reading articles on astronomy and evolution. Two subjects that I am now fascinated by. Also, I now have more time to use Facebook and Twitter.  Through these social networks I have made a lot of cool friends. Friends that challenge my ideas and teach me new things through the articles that they mention and blog posts that they write.

Please share your thoughts on atheism I love comments.