Friday, February 18, 2011


What reactions have you experienced when you tell someone you are an atheist? Are people shocked, angry, annoyed, or have you been lucky enough to have someone excited? Whatever reaction you have received I would love to hear your story.

I have experienced just about every reaction I listed. When I told my family they were shocked, angry and upset. I grew up going to a very conservative baptist church. So,I knew that my mom would be shocked and sad, but I was surprised, to some degree, when she got angry. Excluding weddings and funerals, my dad only went to church when my sister and I were singing and even then we had to beg him to come. So, when I found out he was upset and even a bit angry with me I was flabbergasted. Looking back now I think he got angry because my mom and sister were so upset that they were making the house miserable for him. Also, he may have thought that I was going to become a criminal and that I was no longer going to visit them. With time, my family realized that my decision to become an atheist wasn't something that I was going to change just because they didn't like it and that this decision didn't make me a horrible person. Currently our relationship has returned to normal other than the fact that we don't discuss religion.

In stark comparison to the reaction I got from my parents a few of my friends actually laughed and congratulated me. There were a few friends that I felt the need to apologize to, because when I was a Christian teenager I had witnessed and invited them to church so many time that I am not sure why they were still my friends. They were gracious enough to forgive me and I am really glad that they never did become Christians.

Again, I would really like to hear your stories. If you haven't told anyone you are an atheist, but would like to leave a comment, share how you think those closest to you would react if you did tell them.