Friday, February 25, 2011

Tragedy in Libya

I am a major news junkie.  I am almost always watching Al Jazera's live online streaming broadcast.  I don't have cable so this is the only free online news broadcast that I am aware of.  I also read as many articles as I can. Reading and watching the news has helped me learn about a wide variety of subjects as well as stay informed about current events. 

Lately, like many others, I have been closely following the protests in Libya.  At first, I thought that this protest would be like the ones in Tunisia and Egypt, but this protest has been much more violent.  The protesters were peacefully protesting, but Gaddafi reacted by using live ammunition against them.  When that didn't stop the protesters Gaddafi has ordered the army to bomb the protesters, foreign mercenaries to shoot anyone they see, and he has tried to turn citizens against each other, by saying the protesters were part of al-Qaeda and drug addicts that needed to be arrested and brought to court.

World leaders need to do more than just make speeches declaring that Gaddafi needs to stop the violence.  More governments should follow the lead of the Swiss government and freeze Gaddafi's bank accounts in their country. Also, more humanitarian aid needs to be able to safely enter into Libya and treat those that are too injured to get across the border with Egypt where there is a makeshift hospital that has been setup.  Also, it would be nice to see them setup a no-fly-zone to stop Gaddafi from being able to bomb or shoot the protesters from the air, although I realize that this would be hard to enforce and could make evacuating people harder. I  hope this comes to an end very soon, way too many innocent people have died.