Monday, May 26, 2008

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark was one of the stories that even as a child I wasn't sure how exactly it could have happened, but as a child I was told that all of my questions could easily be explained by the fact that God can do anything. That answer wasn't very satisfying, but I excepted it because I was a child and figured that adults knew more than me.

Well, now I know better and I am here to shout it from the rooftops the story of Noah's Ark is BULLSHIT!

Here are some of the problems that noticed when I was a child. First, why did God kill everyone except Noah's family? I just couldn't believe that everyone was that bad. Second, how did they get so bad? As a child I had heard over and over that a child was a reflection of their parents. So, if all the people were so bad wasn't that a negative reflection on God? Third, I thought about the story logically and just couldn't believe that 8 people could take care of all those animals. Seriously, I have seen how much work a small farm is even with all of the modern technology that we have. It just isn't possible that 8 people could take care of all those animals.

As I have studied the works of many different skeptics and theists I have notice a bunch of other problems with that story. One of these is simply how did all of the animals migrate to Noah to get on the boat. The only way that this would have been possible would be if God had magically brought them to Noah and since Moses didn't add that detail into the story I don't think that happened. Moses doesn't seem to be the kind of guy to leave out interesting and unbelievable details. Second, how did the world get repopulated so quickly without all the problems that would have been caused my inbreeding?

This is just a brief list of the questions that I have encountered when thinking about this story. I really could list many more, but in a effort to keep my posts brief I will leave you with some links from websites that portray both perspectives of the story.

There are a multitude of delusional groups that have weak, but very funny answers to all these questions. Please check them out not only for a good laugh, but to also know what kind of arguments you need to be able to fight.

Also here are some links to information put out there by some skeptics. I hope that you will find all this information as enjoyable as I did. Notice how much more science is used by the skeptics.

I hope that if you are a theists that you read through not only the theists arguments, but also the skeptics side too.