Friday, January 2, 2009

Christians Leaving Public Schools

One News Now is reporting that Christians are being urged to leave the public school system.

This sounds like a pretty good idea for a variety of reasons. First off, we might actually be able to teach real science in the classroom without them butting in and wanting their pseudoscience Intelligent Design BS given equal time.

Second, there might actually be a real sex ed section in health class that hasn't been watered down by the religious nuts who think that abstinence only education actually works. It is about time that public schools taught teens about STDs and how to protect themselves. This education is critical because, as all of us rational people know, many teens are having sex.

Third, classes could have honest discussions about social issues such as homosexuality, assisted suicide, and abortion, among others, without it turning into a argument of what each students invisible friend thinks about the issue.

There are only a few draw backs that I am seeing to this whole plan. First, the fact that public schools wouldn't get as much money because their student population would decrease. Also, since there wouldn't be as much money or student there would be a lot of teachers out of jobs. Although, many of the Christian teachers may go to Christian school since they would be in need of more brainwashers so maybe it would all sort of even out.

What do you think?